Our Services

Our key services include delivery of steel and iron castings, forgings and ready-made, machined spare parts for industry.

Our castings are between 20 and 4000 kg in weight and are made of the following materials:

     cast steel:
– cast carbon steel (structural)
– low-alloy and high-alloy cast steel
– wear resistant cast steel
– heat-resistant and high-temperature creep resisting cast steel
– corrosion-resistant cast steel

– stainless steel
– structural steel

      cast iron:
– grey cast iron
– low-alloy and high-alloy cast iron
– spheroidal cast iron


Our castings are delivered as requested by our Clients – in as-cast condition or machined (pre-machined or ready-made).

Depending on their type and required properties, our castings are exposed to proper heat treatment:
– normalizing,
– hardening and tempering,
– solutioning,
– sorbitizing (road wheels).

Detailed terms and conditions are defined in our offers based on requests of individual Clients.

We are looking forward to doing business with you!

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